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Read Your World, I Just Did!

As an official Book Reviewer for the 2024 Multicultural Children's Book Day (which goes Live on January 25), I am both honored and excited to share with you my honest reviews of the five beautiful children's books gifted to me by publishing companies.

But before I do, I want to express to you the need for children to have the opportunity to not only see a reflection of themselves in children's books, but to learn and appreciate the many different cultures they are surrounded by each and every day.

Multicultural books allows children, and their parents and teachers, to have open dialogues so that they can understand and respect other cultures, including their languages, beliefs and traditions.

Children's books can be used for teaching and encouraging children to be open-minded to other parts of the world to help nourish their future educational, career and travel goals. In other words, multicultural books, such as the ones I read, can take them to far away places without them having to leave their homes. This leaves the children wanting to explore endless possibilities later in life, all while respecting and appreciating the country they visit, the people they meet, and their culture.

Finally, be sure to follow this link to participate in the upcoming event, Read Your World on January 25, 2024:

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