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Welcome to my website. As a writer and independent ("Indie") author of a children's book, Lolita's Rainy Day, I hope to inspire and motivate you and your children on the important topic of financial literacy.

I aim to keep my website appropriate for all ages, and in a manner suitable and attractive for children to view and read.

About Me
  • Money-savvy from an early age

  • Passionate about consumer-related matters

  • Enthusiastic about educating others on financial literacy 

  • Effective mentor to young women and men

  • Love to engage with community  empower others

My Own Story

I was blessed with having loving and wonderful parents who taught me the meaning of value, both personal and financial ones. They introduced me to financial literacy when I was very young. I earned my weekly allowance by helping with household chores (and maintaining good grades, of course). This taught me the value of money, how to and earn it, and to appreciate the things my family and I had. It is for these reasons that I grew up with a deep appreciation for financial literacy.

For over two decades I have empowered many family and friends with starting a budget, opening a savings account, building or restoring their credit, buying their first car, or purchasing their first home. 

Lolita's Rainy Day came to light while working on a project at Bay Path University. I had to "plan a project on a subject I was passionate about and put it into action in the community." It wasn't long before I came to realize that I needed to target young children, an audience I had not yet focused on. As I reflected on my project, I recalled how I learned about earning and saving money as a child, and the impact the lifetime impact the lesson had on me. I soon made the decision that for my project I would introduce children to financial literacy in the form of a children's book.


The story, Lolita's Rainy Day came to me naturally since I wrote the story based on my own personal experience. Lolita is a character of me when I was six years old. Just like Lolita, I saved my money in a sock and kept it underneath my bed. That was until a representative from a local bank came to my elementary school and gave me the opportunity to open a savings account. Each week, a bank representative came to collect the money to deposit it in our accounts. I proudly carried my allowance to school in a red sock. 

To complete the project, I created a "scrapbook" with colorful illustrations drawn by a friend. I then put my project into action by reading the story from the scrapbook to an engaging and enthusiastic group of first and second graders at a local charter school. My experience with the children, and how they connected with the story affirmed that my project could not end there.

I then began pondering on publishing an actual book but questioned how to do it, how I would find the time to accomplish it, and how much it would cost. However I soon came to realize that all those things didn't matter. What mattered most was introducing children to financial literacy through my own personal story and children's book, just as I did for my project.

This is my story, and Lolita's Rainy Day is a story for the children


Lolita's Rainy Day is the story of a six-year-old girl who is curious
to know what saving for a rainy day really means...and it starts to rain.


Feel free to contact me if you wish to inquire about the book or schedule a book reading at

your Western Massachusetts based school, library, community center, or civic organization.

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