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My Apologies for a Long Hiatus

These past six months or so, I have not been as diligent about posting on my website or blog, and for this I sincerely apologize. My work and life demands have distracted me from my commitment to you, and I should not have allowed that to have happened. This year I have renewed my vows to my website and fans and will begin posting on a more regular basis, just as I did in the past. 

Be assured that my passion for financial literacy remains intact. In fact, I have been posting quite frequently on my related Instagram account, which I encourage you to follow. I admit that I tend to gravitate toward Instagram over Facebook because of its convenience and user-friendliness, but for those who prefer the latter, I will resume posting there as well.  

During my absence from my website, I have noticed that financial literacy has become a hot topic, from households to schools, to which I applaud. In fact, just last month, the State of New Jersey passed a law that mandates financial literacy courses to six to eight grade students. And, last week I learned that the State of Texas is trying to follow suit by introducing it to high school students. This is all great news! However I still believe that financial literacy needs to be introduced as early as elementary school, when children begin to develop money habits. Don't you agree?

April is Financial Literacy Month and so I'm working on bringing to you many interesting stories and news articles to keep you abreast of the latest on financial literacy. I hope you check back frequently, if you haven't signed up for email alerts. 

Hint: I am currently working on taking on a huge endeavor in March. Stay tuned, as I will reveal it here first. 

In the meantime, remember that, "Every penny counts!"


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