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Pricele$$ Photo of Baby Syrus

Syrus was gifted his own signed copy of Lolita's Rainy Day by my dear friend, Cookie. When Syrus' grandmother presented him with the book, he turned to me and smiled. What happened next was priceless. Syrus stared at the cover for a long time. The photo captured shows that babies as young as Syrus can fall in love with Lolita's Rainy Day and the concept of money.

Because children have the capacity to learn early on, reading to infants may help boost financial literacy skills. Here's an article I recommend http://www.news18.com/news/lifestyle/reading-with-infants-may-boost-their-literacy-skills-1393645.html

I think Cookie was spot on when she gifted the book to Syrus, my youngest fan yet! Thank you Cookie! To Syrus' grandmother and parents (who I also had the privilege of meeting), I encourage you to continue reading to Syrus and teaching him that, "Every penny counts!"

Photo taken at Casa Cafe in East Longmeadow https://www.facebook.com/Casa-Cafe-183832335294618/


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