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Happy Spring...Easter's coming!

Happy Spring! Can you believe that Easter is only three weeks away?

Although my daughter is an adult now, I still enjoy preparing a personalized Easter basket for her every year. I have fun getting creative and adding things besides her favorite large (but hollow, of course) chocolate Easter bunny she loves to eat. When she was younger, I always included a few children's books, movie DVDs and gift certificates to Friendly's. One of my favorite ideas was putting money inside the colorful, plastic Easter eggs, which money she would save in her piggy bank.

I'm happy to know that several parents have already ordered Lolita's Rainy Day to add to their children's Easter baskets. I received an email from a mother who told me that she purchased my children's book, along with a complimentary pair of red socks to teach her daughter to start saving her money, just like Lolita did.

If you decide to get creative and include a copy of Lolita's Rainy Day to your Easter basket, please submit photos to me via email. I'd love to see your creativities, and be able to share them with my fans too.

P.S. A revised Kindle version of Lolita's Rainy Day is also available on Amazon now.


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