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Exhilarating Reading Experience!

The one word that best describes yesterday is "exhilarating!" Last evening I had the opportunity to read Lolita's Rainy Day to 36 brilliant children at one of ADC Prevention Services and Associates after school programs. The children were attentive, engaging and charming during my reading, and also with their questions and responses. Some of their remarkably inquisitive questions were: When did you first think of writing a book? How did you come up with the name Lolita? Will you be writing a series of books about Lolita? These were all great questions. Wouldn't you agree?

I had each child write his/her name to enter into a prize raffle. My friend, Docilia (who took the lovely photos for me), pulled three names from a bag. Their prize was a "Kiddy Cash" play money kit to teach the children how to count money. As you can see from the photo, the three winners loved their prizes!

The experience from yesterday's reading gave me greater assurance that the children absolutely love Lolita, the story, and learning about financial literacy.

By the end of yesterday's reading, the children learned that, "Every penny counts!"

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