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The Gift That Touched Me

Last week was a busy one for me as I signed and delivered books to family and friends who ordered books from me for Christmas gifts. Unfortunately my first book signing event did not go as planned. Although I signed several copies of Lolita's Rainy Day, I was not allowed to take photographs for privacy reasons.

Friends, I cannot let the year end without thanking those of you who purchased a copy (or copies) of Lolita's Rainy Day. Your feedback and that from the community, as well as the Amazon reviews have been humbling to me.

This week a parent informed me that his son (who read the book) asked to be assigned household chores and now earns an allowance. Another told me that her two daughters went through the house looking for loose change, gathering over $31.33. Both parents plan to open savings accounts for their children in the coming weeks. For now, they'll continue saving their money in socks, just like Lolita.

The highlight of my Christmas morning was the beautiful custom-made canvas bag my best friend, Emma gifted me. Her thoughtful gift touched me profoundly. As you can see from the photo, the bag is already packed for my future book reading and signing events.

Once again, thank you for accompanying me these past few weeks. I hope you continue to stay with me as my journey continues.

I leave you with my personal thought as we approach the end of this year, "In 2017, surround yourself with people who touch your heart, and nourish your soul."

Cheers to all!

P.S. "Remember that every penny counts!"


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