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The beginning of my journey with Lolita's Rainy Day

This photo was taken in March of 2015 when I first read Lolita's Rainy Day to a group of 1st and 2nd grade students at a charter school in Springfield. The reading was part of a special project I planned which I had to put into action in my community.

It wasn't even a book at the time. It was a story in a scrapbook with pictures drawn by a dear friend of mine. The drawings were bright and colorful, and the children loved them as much as the story.

The children learned an important lesson about saving money for a rainy day. They asked questions and engaged in conversation about the book. It was surreal to see how the children reacted to the story!

On that memorable day I learned of the need to make my book a reality, not just a project. I realized how much children desire and deserve to learn about financial literacy. Having worked on the book for months, I recently completed and published Lolita's Rainy Day.

Welcome to Lolita's Rainy Day, and my journey...


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